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Home Office Inspiration


April 7, 2014

Like most photographers, when I’m not on site with clients, my business is operated out of my in home studio. Working from home is amazing. I get to spend time with my boys Buddy & Remy, set my own schedule, have zero commute or dress code, and all the Nespresso a girl could wish for, all while completing the daily grind in the comfort of my own creative space. Working from home can also be a game of solitary. With no one around to chat with or to breath down your neck with timelines, it requires a strong sense of self motivation.

For us “solitary workers,” re-creating our space to be progressive in with out hitting the wall of boredom and confinement, goes beyond colorful desk calendars and pencils. My home office is my creative mecca; my personal laboratory for creating impactful, amazing work. Therefore, I believe if you want to do fabulous work, your  workspace itself must be fabulous! Since the weather has finally decided to give way to Spring, I’m once again able to move my office back outdoors. Well sort of outdoors, more like screened in porch, and with all the sounds of birds chirping and wind blowing that one could want. While I love my indoor studio office, nature is where I truly draw my inspiration and where I’ve always felt most creative. This porch was actually the selling point for us when buying this house, and a big hit as a meeting and gathering spot for when clients come to visit. I filled the space with blues and whites to contrast the greens that fill up the background when summer is in full swing, and have multiple options for seating, including a table with a built in cooler in case wine is involved (thank you Dan for building this!) and comfy cushioned chairs, as well as some adirondacks. office1office2office3

Every so often I take some time to look at my space see if it’s still a reflection of my vision and supports the work that I’m doing. Style and design is powerful, and it should always be functional, as well as personal! Something to consider when finding your creative space. Your work output will be evidence of your happiness and you can fill those solitary moments, collaborating with friends, on how to best arrange your furniture, or to just enjoy the space with you.

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